YouTube Appreciation & Top 10 Favourite Channels

I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and have done since I was a teenager. Back then it was catching up with my laptop balanced on my knees in my tiny room at home; now it's streamed from my phone to the TV via Chromecast (I love living in 2019). YouTube is a fantastic resource… Continue reading YouTube Appreciation & Top 10 Favourite Channels

Sick Day Entertainments

I've taken three days off work this week. I'm putting it down to a relatively mild case of flu; I had a high fever and lost several litres of sweat across three nights, plus several more litres of various fluids from my face during the day, and it's generally been a bit of a blur.… Continue reading Sick Day Entertainments

Boundin’: The Internet Never Forgets

Photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash

A little while ago I read and watched Carrie Hope Fletcher's discussion on healthy boundaries in her relationship with her audience. She acknowledged that her channel has seen her grow up, change her content, and address the fact that she is constantly changing and growing; she stressed that her being captured in various stages doesn't… Continue reading Boundin’: The Internet Never Forgets

Favourite Treehouse of Horror Segments

I've spoken before about my love for The Simpsons, specifically the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes. In 30 years of the show there have been 87 individual stories told in the horror theme, and this Halloween I've collated my personal top ten, for your reading pleasure. (They're all from the first ten seasons, because those… Continue reading Favourite Treehouse of Horror Segments