I’m Not Excited About My Wedding Day

It's not a secret that I got engaged earlier this year. The event itself is a blur in my memory but I think I swore a lot, and then we watched The Simpsons Movie because my instinct in any high-emotion situation is to watch The Simpsons Movie. It's been a little tricky navigating it all… Continue reading I’m Not Excited About My Wedding Day

The Art of Distraction (or how to actually get things done)

I know you know the feeling. You sit down, determined that for the next chunk of time you'll be productive, you'll get your work done, you'll have finished all your Christmas shopping by September 30th...and suddenly it's three hours later and you've done none of those things. Huh? I'm no stranger to distraction. Occasionally I… Continue reading The Art of Distraction (or how to actually get things done)

Mindful Eating & a Lockdown Epiphany

I've been away for a little while. Sorry about that. Besides everything that's happening in the world right now I've been working more, prioritising self care, seeing my family, and practising mindfulness. Incidentally, I've also been losing weight. I've written before about my relationship with the weight loss process and I can't lie - this… Continue reading Mindful Eating & a Lockdown Epiphany