My 2021 Reading Wrap-Up

Hello, greetings and salutations, my friends. It sure has been a while. My laptop has been near-unusable for months, and of course I began a full time job in the summer which severely impacted my blog-writing time. You know what didn’t suffer (luckily)? My book-reading time. Boy howdy, did I get through some books this… Continue reading My 2021 Reading Wrap-Up

Jeans Shopping in Primark

I wrote this last December but mislaid it in the end-of-year excitement. Six months later, I hope my pain brings amusement to you all. Last week, my work jeans ripped in the crotch. It wasn't a great start to my Thursday, especially since I then had to work seven hours with an unwelcome breeze around… Continue reading Jeans Shopping in Primark

Quarterly Reading Review: Spring 2021

I've done a lot of posts in the past called Recently Read Books, where I'd write up quick summaries and reviews of whatever I'd been reading lately. I love seeing what other people have been reading, and sharing my latest reads was enjoyable too - hopefully for my readers as much as me! However, as… Continue reading Quarterly Reading Review: Spring 2021

I’m Not Excited About My Wedding Day

It's not a secret that I got engaged earlier this year. The event itself is a blur in my memory but I think I swore a lot, and then we watched The Simpsons Movie because my instinct in any high-emotion situation is to watch The Simpsons Movie. It's been a little tricky navigating it all… Continue reading I’m Not Excited About My Wedding Day

The Art of Distraction (or how to actually get things done)

I know you know the feeling. You sit down, determined that for the next chunk of time you'll be productive, you'll get your work done, you'll have finished all your Christmas shopping by September 30th...and suddenly it's three hours later and you've done none of those things. Huh? I'm no stranger to distraction. Occasionally I… Continue reading The Art of Distraction (or how to actually get things done)