My Reading Wrap-Up 2022

Another year, another reading wrap-up – another apology for not blogging more! Alas, life is busy. We’re currently trying to buy a house (hellish) and I’ve picked up a whole new hobby (heavenly), both of which have really reduced my blog-writing capacity. Fortunately not my reading time, though. Shall we dive in? (You can read… Continue reading My Reading Wrap-Up 2022


15 Word Reading Reviews: Autumn ’22

Another few months, another few books. I’ve resigned myself to this being all I write about for the foreseeable! I hope you guys aren’t yet bored of bitesize reviews, as I have a few more for you based on my last three months of reading. The Angina Monologues (Samer Nashef) - Heart surgeon memoir. Full… Continue reading 15 Word Reading Reviews: Autumn ’22

Reading Update & 15 Word Reviews

I used to post these kinds of things pretty often, where I would tell you what I’ve read recently and how much I liked it. I’ve been a bit lax lately because I’ve been busy with work, and time for blog-writing has been surrendered to reading and walking. However, I am still reading a good… Continue reading Reading Update & 15 Word Reviews

Quarterly Reading Review: Spring 2021

I've done a lot of posts in the past called Recently Read Books, where I'd write up quick summaries and reviews of whatever I'd been reading lately. I love seeing what other people have been reading, and sharing my latest reads was enjoyable too - hopefully for my readers as much as me! However, as… Continue reading Quarterly Reading Review: Spring 2021

I’m Not Excited About My Wedding Day

It's not a secret that I got engaged earlier this year. The event itself is a blur in my memory but I think I swore a lot, and then we watched The Simpsons Movie because my instinct in any high-emotion situation is to watch The Simpsons Movie. It's been a little tricky navigating it all… Continue reading I’m Not Excited About My Wedding Day